Friday, December 3, 2010

Pierceless Prince's Wand

This Prince's wand can be used without piercing. The ring holds tight around the head of the cock while the shaft slides into the urethra. The hollow shaft allows the user to ejaculate or urinate while wearing it. It is made of stainless steel.To prevent the wand from slipping or falling out of the penis, an attached glans ring is worn around the head of the cock. It has a hole that goes all the way through so that it can be worn all the time (hence the name) and urinated through if needed. A hook-shaped, hinged handle holds the cock-head/glans ring in place and keeps the wand firmly held in place.


-The wand insertion measures approximately 3" in total length.

-The head ring measures 1" in diameter. A second head ring is included -- for more larger penises measuring 1 1/5" in diameter. The head ring allows the wand to stay in place during use. The wand diameter itself is 0.125 inches at its smallest and 0.315 inches, 8mm, at its largest.

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