Thursday, August 4, 2011

RealTouch RealTouch Interactive Masturbator

RealTouch RealTouch Interactive Masturbator

Product Description

With its unrivaled versatility and patented engineering, the award-winning RealTouch is unlike anything you have ever seen - or felt. Synchronizing its movements to your favorite adult videos by way of integrated haptic (touch) technology, RealTouch takes you beyond sight and sound, putting you right into the middle of the action with your favorite XXX stars. You will feel every incredible sensation as the lifelike orifice, internal lube mechanism and heating elements recreate perfectly the warmth, wetness and intense pleasure of penetrative oral, anal and vaginal sex. Enjoy amazing realtime encounters anytime you want and turn your deepest fantasies into reality with the most advanced and most realistic sex simulation ever! For guys who want to give their lovers a little something extra in the bedroom, the easy-to-follow RealTouch Male Enhancement Program is just what the doctor ordered - literally. Developed by a world-renowned psychiatrist, this all-natural, step-by-step approach will teach you tried and true techniques to help you get bigger and last longer for the best sex of your life. With RealTouch you will never experience adult videos or male enhancement the same way again. Get RealTouch and feel what you have been missing!

Real Touch Package Includes:
  • RealTouch masturbator
  • 3.5 oz Wet Original Gel lubricant
  • Power supply, USB connection cables, and hardware
  • DVD containing 10 interactive videos
  • Free 60 minutes on the RealTouch online VOD theater
Measurements: 9.5 inches long, 5 inches wide

Material: Lightweight composite outer shell, soft VersaFlex interior

Important Note: Per the manufacturer selling agreement this item must sell no lower than their MAP of 249.95. The manufacturer does not permit this item to be resold on,,, or


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