Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Strict Leather Deluxe Arm Binder Restraint Body Restraint-Free Shipping

Strict Leather Deluxe Arm Binder Restraint Body Restraint-Free Shipping

This Deluxe Leather Arm Binders is a versatile and restrictive bondage device for keeping your slave in control. The buckles, buttons and D-rings are made of solid stainless steel and will help keep this extreme restraints secure and in place. The arm binders can be used without the body straps. Used alone this product is very similiar to our bondage opera gloves (see related items below). With such diversity of use, this Leather Arm Binder Kit will be one of your favorite restraints. 

How to use:
  • 1. Place each of your partner's arms through each of the arm binders.
  • 2. Place the long belt up around the neck, across the chest then below the underarms. The middle piece with the D-ring should be resting against the top of the back, just underneath the neck. Secure this belt in the back using the belt loop and buckle.
  • 3. Have your partner place their arms together. Wrap the belts that are near the hands of the arm binders around your partner's arms and secure them.
  • 4. You can further secure your partner to the restraints using padlocks.
  • 5. For more variety use leashes, leg binders, blindfolds and other bondage products for the ultimate situation.
  • Keep your partner from moving their arms with these premium leather restraints.
  • A variety of buckles and loops allow for a variety of bondage combinations.
  • Each of the arm binders can be used separately from each other and the kit itself.
  • With other accessories, you can create the ultimate bondage situation.
  • The leather is durable but comfortable.
  • This kit can fit a wide variety of people.

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