Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Diva Toolbox Lover – An Alternative Sex Partner

Are you already tired of routine sex? Do you find having a partner boring? If you are, it is now time to have a more enjoyable sex life even without having a partner. With Diva Toolbox Lover, you can have fun and enjoy all by yourself!

This Diva Toolbox Lover is associated with incredible and satisfying sexual pleasure without using the hands. The package comes with a soft penis attachment, a vibrator and an anal pleaser. The penis attachment comes in a soft material that feels like a real sex organ. If you prefer to have anal sex, you can make use of the anal pleasure that comes in black color and gives a wild kind of sex. Lastly, the vibrator is a purple device that is soft, yet very aggressive in providing sexual satisfaction.

The Diva Toolbox Lover has a measurement of around 16.25x7x7.25 inches, while the vibrator has an insertable length of 4.75 inches and a circumference of 4.5 inches. Its penis attachment is around 5.5 inches for insertion and 5 inches in its circumference. Lastly, the anal pleasure has a circumference of 5.25 inches and an insertable length of 4 inches.


Diva Toolbox Lover

Diva Toolbox Lover
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