Friday, May 24, 2013

Top Ten Trends to Look for in 2013 with Adult Novelty Toys

Wondering what the latest trends in adult novelty toys are? What are the manufacturers working on to perfect for the next wave of Adult Novelties? Earlier this year, in Las Vegas, the Adult Novelty show brought all the latest manufacturers in to share the latest and great inventions that are hitting the shelves or in prototype mode and on their way to the shelves soon.  

What should you be watching for along the lines of new adult novelty products in 2013?  Well, according to the industry experts, here are the top ten areas being focused on (in no particular order)

1 1. Novelty fake pussies that may stretch or glow or have other interesting characteristics

2 2. Tasty panties and flavored penis strips

3 3. Big vibrators with new textures and shapes
4  4. Prostate massaging vibrators

   5. Realistic adult dolls (This is an area that is developing rapidly with a lot of new options coming to market)

    6. Handcuffs

    7. Vibrating rubber duckies and tub toys

     8. Virtual sex videos (Insert penis into device and observe reality fallacious on screen)

    9. Sexually enhancing furniture or beds (swings, wedges for better masturbation)

1 10.New technology for lifelike vaginas

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